Orgone Energy

“I am well aware of the fact that the human race has known about the existence of a universal energy related to life for many ages. However, the basic task of natural science consisted of making this energy usable. This is the sole difference between my work and all preceding knowledge.”

— Wilhelm Reich, Archives of the Orgone Institute

In the 1930s, Wilhelm Reich, M.D.—an Austrian psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and scientist—discovered a powerful, new biological energy, and for the next two decades devoted his life to the investigation of its laws and properties. Reich confirmed the existence of this energy in the human body, verified its presence in the atmosphere, developed instrumentation to observe and collect it, and harnessed it for a variety of purposes from cancer treatment to motor power to weather experimentation.

Reich called his discovery “orgone energy.”


What is ‘Vital Force’?


Webster’s Dictionary definitions:

Vital: Concerned with or necessary to life.

Vitalism: The doctrine that life has its origin elsewhere than in physical or chemical causation.

Vitality: The quality of being alive especially the strength of this quality.

Vitalise: To give energy or vigor, to animate.


Swami Panchadasi, in his book The Human Aura, describes the vitality of the life force:

“The fundamental substance of which the human aura is composed is none other than that wonderful principle of nature ….which has been called by many names, but which is perhaps best known under the Sanskrit term Prana, but which may be though of as vital essence, life power etc.”

“Another peculiarity of the prana-aura is that it is filled with a multitude of extremly minute sparkling particles, resembling fiery electric sparks, which are in constant motion.” [1]

Objective Science

‘Finer substances’ can also be thought of as relating to different ‘levels of materiality’. P.D. Ouspensky (a student of G.I. Gurdjieff) refers to ‘Hydrogens’ in this context::

“‘Hydrogen’ 96 is represented by rarefied gases which man cannot breathe, but which play a very important part in his life; and further, this is the matter of animal magnetism, of emanations from the human body, of ‘n-rays’, hormones, vitamins, and so on; in other words, with ‘hydrogen’ 96 ends what is called matter or what is regarded as matter by our physics and chemistry…. ‘Hydrogen’ 96 also includes matters that are almost imperceptible to our chemistry of perceptible by the traces or results, often merely presumed by some and denied by others.” [2]

Atmospheric Orgone energy

The presence of atmospheric ‘orgone energy’ was established by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 1940’s. This energy is of a very subtle nature, but can be seen in the atmosphere as short streaks of white light.

“….he formed the hypothesis that the atmosphere contained an energy form of which he had never heard and that it was this same energy that he was observing in the apparartus…….if one looks into the daytime sky on a clear day, relaxes the eyes, and looks into empty space, a number of minute brilliant points of light become visible. They appear to dance about in whirling motions.

Anyone who looks in the sky in this way can observe these points of light, yet few people are in fact aware of them until their attention is specifically directed”. [3]

Despite the difficulties and unusual procedures required for studying this energy, Dr. Reich’s work continues through the work of dedicated Orgone Bio-physics researchers and orgone device constructors.

Dr. Reich held that the orgone energy has a positive effect on the health of living tissue, and that people and animals can benefit by exposure to orgone collected by special devices, such as the ‘Orgone Blanket’ and ‘Orgone Accumulator’.

EnergyNet Research

Energynet is the name given to a research project which is linked to experiments for increasing positive, life-affirming energy.

The evidence from 4 years research shows that the energynet system for enhancing ‘subtle’ energies is reliable and can have several applications.


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